Lease Department

Lease a New Subaru in London, Ontario

Financing is not for everyone. In many situations, the simplicity and benefits of leasing outweigh the long-term commitment of being locked into a multi-year payment plan. When it comes to finding the most attractive leasing rates in London, Ontario area, look no further than the low leasing rates available at Subaru of London. We offer lease terms in a variety of options, with flexibility on kilometers and other measures.

Leasing a vehicle not only ensures you the flexibility of a short-term commitment, perfect for anyone in a transitional period, but it also provides you with a new car, one which you can usually return before the majority of the expensive repairs and replacements kick in. No matter what your circumstances are at present, our financial experts at Subaru of London are able to help you discover the leasing plan that is most suitable for your lifestyle and future plans.

If you are interested in discovering more about whether leasing or car financing is preferable to you, of if you'd like to learn more about what special short or long term car lease rates are available at the moment, Contact Us today. We are also happy to provide consultation for residents in the nearby markets of Chatham, St. Thomas, Aylmer and Simcoe.